Maressa’s Maternity Leave Plans!

Maressa is expecting her first baby this January! She will be on leave starting the beginning of January to mid-March. Stay tuned for updates on her return and her updated schedule! Thanks for your support and understanding during this exciting time. If you need to contact her for any reason, she can be reached by […]

What is Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture

Book Community Acupuncture HERE Community acupuncture allows several people to be treated in the same room at once, while reclining in comfortable chairs. This enables us to reduce the cost of treatment, which in turn helps acupuncture be more affordable and may help you get the number and frequency of treatments that you may need […]

New to acupuncture? What to expect.

acupuncture explained...

A treatment begins with an interview in which the practitioner will ask details about what you are looking to treat as well as other aspects of your health history. They will want to know things like how you sleep, what your stress level is like, what kinds of foods you eat, and how your energy […]

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