Please help support Deirdre’s Community Acupuncture Project at Morningside Shelter in Brattleboro

Deirdre Kelley LicAc is seeking funding to continue and expand an important and ground breaking program that allows both residents and staff of the Morningside shelter receive acupuncture right at the shelter! Please click the link below to watch a short video about the Morningside Shelter’s Community Acupuncture Project started by Deirdre in June of 2014. […]

How My Recent Cranial Sacral Training is Changing My Life and Practice!

I am feeling compelled to share a bit about my amazing 4 day Cranial Sacral I training I just completed in Hartford, CT. I wasn’t sure what to expect, though I felt so drawn to this work through my experiences with two amazing local Cranial Sacral practitioners, Deb Feiner and Lucinda Dee. After seeing 20-30 […]

Meet Our New Wellness Pass

As we phase out our Holstic Health Plans we are eager to announce a new opportunity we feel will better serve our community across the board;  we call it  The Wellness Pass. The Wellness pass is a benefit option for any client. By paying a low 1-time yearly fee, a Wellness Pass member receives 5% […]

The Medicinal Gardening Handbook

BHHC Herbalist and Apothecary manager, Alyssa Holmes came  out with a new book in May of 2014!  The Medicinal Gardening Handbook: a Complete Guide to Growing, Harvesting and Using Medicinal Herbs is now on sale at BHHC, The Brattleboro Food Co-op, and Everyone’s Books.  It is also available on Amazon, Goodreads, and in bookstores nationwide! […]

A Healthy Business Model

            Here’s a link to our Brattleboro Reformer article…click here!

What is Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture allows several people to be treated in the same room at once, while reclining in comfortable chairs. This enables us to reduce the cost of treatment, which in turn helps acupuncture be more affordable and may help you get the number and frequency of treatments that you may need to get better.  This […]

New to acupuncture? What to expect.

acupuncture explained...

A treatment begins with an interview in which the practitioner will ask details about what you are looking to treat as well as other aspects of your health history. They will want to know things like how you sleep, what your stress level is like, what kinds of foods you eat, and how your energy […]

10th International Herb Symposium Review

Alyssa Holmes

I am so inspired by the herbalists of the world. I just got back from the 10th International Herb Symposium, which consisted of 3 days filled with classes taught by herbalists from around the world. Most of the herb books I’ve looked to and poured over for years and years were there with their authors […]

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