Sunday July 8th, 4:30-6:30

Talk Amongst Yourselves: A Discussion Series

ANXIETY: MONEY, SUGAR AND SEX – Sunday July 8th 4:30-6:30

What is anxiety? How does it manifest in our bodies, minds and hearts?  What do we crave to relieve our feelings of anxiety? What other actions might be more nurturing when we are feeling anxious? How can we conjure up the courage to face the challenge of tragedy in our lives and discover our inner strength?

Suggested donation: 5$

Tea and treats will be provided.

Donations will go to Blue Cliff Monastery in Pine Bush. NY- an extension of Plum Village meditation center in France, founded by the venerable teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. Blue Cliff welcomes anyone who wishes to learn and cultivate the art and practices of engaged Buddhism through mindful living. They cultivate compassion and kindness and also teach others how to do the same. 


Also, stay tuned for:

STRESS: I CAN’T GET NO SATISFACTION – Sunday August 12th 4:30-6:30

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