Libby Garofalo, CMT

Therapeutic Massage - Deep Tissue - Pregnancy Massage

I am drawn to massage therapy as an effective non-invasive technique for addressing pain, soothing and re-educating the nervous system, and revealing useful information about your body. My goal is to create a peaceful, compassionate environment where you can completely relax and go within. I listen to muscle tissue, gently but firmly coaxing it to unwind and change. Constantly awed by the elegance, complexity and innate wisdom of the body, I enjoy sharing my observations and experience with you; however, I’m even more interested to hear what you are discovering on your bodywork journey. In practice since 2006 with over 1,000 hours of formal massage training, I’ve worked with a variety of injuries and health conditions. I would love to talk with you about your needs and how I can help.

The foundation of my work is Swedish massage, but I incorporate deep tissue and trigger point work throughout the session where it is appropriate. While the massage I give is deeply relaxing, my focus is usually on making changes in areas of the body suffering from injury or chronic pain and tension. The work I do may be intense at times, but it should never be painful. At the beginning of every session, I check in with you about how you are feeling that day and what you would like to focus on. I only work as deeply as you are comfortable.

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