Enlightened Occupation will return in the fall! Stay Tuned!

Enlightened Occupation

We are enthusiastic about offering meeting space for occupation groups and will continue “ENLIGHTENED OCCUPATION” in the fall- thank you for your interest and please stay tuned!

Enlightened Occupation : Strategies for Sustainable Collaboration in Global Movements

Inspired by the incredible potential of the Occupy Wallstreet movement, this gathering is an opportunity to explore new ways of organizing and manifesting positive, peaceful change.

Worldwide communications are feeding profound, widespread grassroots movements to shift the power from the few to the many- the people are finding their power! Let us grasp this opportunity with grace and intention as we work to build a new, more enlightened human society.

Using the techniques of sociometry and psychodrama, we will explore the higher potentials of the democratic process and develop ways to evolve our communication methods and collaborative processes.

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