Alyssa Holmes

Herbalist - Apothecary Manager

Alyssa’s journey in herbalism and agriculture began at Sterling College where she was the campus herbalist to whom students would come seeking herbs and advice. As part of that role, she did extensive research, planted a medicine garden, and created body care products and tinctures. The next year, she ventured to Hawaii where she studied with Herbalist Barbara Fahs and assisted her with tours, workshops, and in her garden filled with endangered Hawaiin medicinal plants. Alyssa received two degrees, an A.A. in Natural Resource Management and a B.A. in Sustainable Agriculture.  Her healing quest continued with self-study , work in the Apothecary at Soujourns Health Clinic, and extensive growing, processing and experimenting with many herbs. When she discovered the ancient system of Ayurveda, it served as a foundation for all her work and the most inspiring and holistic way of thinking about healing. She has studied Ayurveda through the American Institute of Vedic Studies and various practitioners. It continues to be the basis of her life path to optimum health.

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