10th International Herb Symposium Review

by Alyssa Holmes

I am so inspired by the herbalists of the world. I just got back from the 10th International Herb Symposium, which consisted of 3 days filled with classes taught by herbalists from around the world. Most of the herb books I’ve looked to and poured over for years and years were there with their authors to be signed. Everyone was so open and present.

Every generation was represented, especially the elders. Many elders spoke of how important it is that the next generation keep up the work of knowing, gathering, preparing, and administering the plants; that this is a revolution; that the health of our communities is much in the hands of the young herbalists.

This whole experience got me really fired up, re-inspired on my path, reassuring me that this is indeed the work that I love and will always do. It was such a perfect time for me to go to a gathering like this; to be able to bring back fresh enthusiasm to my garden and my new apothecary within this amazing cooperative, BHHC. What an exciting time! I get to share the plants and my medicines, and I’m so grateful for that.

Rosemary Gladstar, the mother goddess of herbal medicine, started this biennial symposium 20 years ago. She is amazing. She was such a celebrity at this event, yet so personable and love-y dove-y with everyone who approached her, including Bret, Sage and I! Check out the picture we got with her!

Alyssa & Sage with Rosemary Gladstar at 10th International Herb Symposium

The keynote speaker this year was Paul Stamets, the man is truly saving the world with mushrooms. Did you know mushrooms breathe oxygen? Mushrooms heal our bodies and our ecosystems at phenomenal rates. A mushroom has a top, a stem, a root, but also mycellium, which runs right under the surface of the ground, pretty much covering the planet. I highly recommend everyone look up his work. This other picture is with him, also a very approachable person.

Alyssa & Sage with Paul Stamets at 10th International Herb Symposium

I’m glad I got a chance to go! I’m glad to be back in the swing of high summer in the garden, woods, and down at the BHHC!

In good health,



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